Community Service
Chairman::  Brenda Peloquin 
48 North Road, Shannock, RI 02875 

I am Brenda Peloquin, Community Service Chair for the Dept. of RI and President of ALA Downey-Weaver Unit 34 in Charlestown, RI. I would like to extend a warm and sincere hello to every ALA unit and a thank you for all your time and dedication, serving our troops, Veterans, their families, and their communities.

Unit 34 recently voted to make a monetary donation to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. After the motion was unanimously passed, I put forth a challenge to our Legionnaires, SAL members, and the Post BOD to match our donation and they willingly did. Then, I got to thinking …. why stop there? So, I am putting out this challenge to all units in the state to do the same. However, this is still not challenging enough, so I extend it to all the units in the ALA to encourage their members to do the same. Just imagine the possibilities and the extent of healing this could bring to many families that are suffering and in need of our help. And now, this applies, not only to Texas, but all the victims of Hurricane Irma this past week. We all have the opportunity to “pay it forward”, something I strongly believe in.

I realize many of us have probably already made personal donations to other organizations helping Harvey and Irma victims, but my hope and dream is for us to do this together as one great big American Legion Family. We do many great things daily and this will be yet another example of the strength and dedication of ALA members to each other and our communities. At Downey-Weaver Unit 34, we have found a Vietnam veteran and his family, whose house was completely flooded in Houston, through a local connection with a church in Houston, to help. It’s a small world and I bet every unit could make a personal connection in one of the disaster areas if they just asked around.

If you decide to accept this challenge, I want to remind you to report it to your State community service chair so they can report it to the Divisional chairs and onto National. Thank you for your time and support!

For God and Country,

Brenda Peloquin, Community Service Dept. of RI

48 North Road, Shannock, RI 02875